Posted by : Selena Lie Monday, 11 June 2012

This is bonus CD of Ojisama Senka.
 Sweet talk of each Ojisama.

Ojisama Senka Tokuten CD 1

 Inoue kazuhiko
 ōkawa tōru
seki toshihiko

Ojisama Senka Tokuten CD 2

Koyama rikiya
Nakata jōji
Horiuchi ken'yū

Ojisama Senka Tokuten CD 3

Kosugi Jurota
Hideyuki Tanaka
Keiji Fujiwara

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  1. This cd comes together with the Ojisama senka vol 1, and it comes with tracks with the individual ojisans recorded with dummy mic.

  2. Just like what Anonymous said it's not just vol 1 but other volumes as well.
    if you buy the 発売限定 at アニメイト then it will come with 3 tracks + Cast Talk of each oji-san.
    Summary is : being the guys lover since Ojisama senka isn't really a 'we're going out together cd' it's like slowly and gradually falling in love with the listner.

  3. thanks for your explanation, Anonymous and nA-chan ^_^

  4. 'Tokuten' means 'privilege', and it usually refers to a limited edition version of a CD which'll include special extra tracks. In the case of Ojisama Senka, the tracks are called 'Sweet Time' tracks; they're recorded using the dummy mic and could be seen as each of the characters' endings.
    As nA-chan said, in Ojisama Senka the guys only confess their love during the last track of the regular edition CD, so you never get to actually 'date' any of them. In the Tokuten version's Sweet Time tracks, you actually get to see what it'd be like depending on who you choose.

    By the way, if you don't have the Tokuten Tracks for Ojisama Senka 2&3, I can upload the ones I've got and send them to you. =)

    Also, if it's okay, can I email you a Nakido link I found to the 'Tokuten' version of Yandere Heaven 5? (In the special tracks for that CD, you apparently get a 3P ending.)

  5. U might wanna mention this is the tokuten for ojisama 3, just so ppl know.

    1. I found a link for Ojisama1's tokuten, so if someone has ojisama 2 w/bonus stuff, that'd be all 3. =D =D =D

      (PS. Heres the nakido link for ojisama 1 with tokuten )

  6. If it's possible, could you put those nakido tokutens here on MF? Much appreciated!

  7. can anyone update with a tracklist for the cds...T___T after i dl all the tracks are all question marks...

  8. reup please?

  9. Please reupload soon if you can! Would be overjoyed to get these ;;


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