Posted by : Selena Lie Tuesday, 5 June 2012

羊でおやすみシリーズ Vol.23 明日のためにいい夢を (先行版)
Release Date :2012/6/29
(This is Preceding edition)

寺島拓篤 岡本信彦
Terashima takuma okamoto nobuhiko 

01. オープニング
02. 1ぴき~100ぴき(夢前案内人:寺島拓篤)
03. 101ぴき~200ぴき(夢前案内人:寺島拓篤)
04. 201ぴき~300ぴき(夢前案内人:岡本信彦)
05. 301ぴき~400ぴき(夢前案内人:岡本信彦)
06. エンディング

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  1. I love both Terashii & Noburin! Thank you~~

  2. Sorry to sound dumb, but what's the 'preceding edition'. Is it the same as the one that most people would get on 6/29, or is it shorter?

    1. Actually I also confused. This is the first time I got this kind of edition. The track list is same, as usual, with others hitsuji de oyasumi. I will post the usual edition when it release.

  3. reason why its up early:

    1. thanks for info! Ah, so Soine Hitsuji already come out O_O
      I will look for it.

    2. Found a Nakido link for Soine Hitsuji 1:

      (Also, the uploader appears to have a bunch of other CDs you've been looking for, including all the Akogareno Situations.)

    3. oh my god thank you but it looks password protected?

    4. yes, it is. The owner won't tell the password until the release date. I trying to crack it now.

    5. What is the password?

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