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中村 悠一(不知火 一樹役)
平川 大輔(青空 颯斗役)
鈴村 健一(天羽 翼役)
諏訪部 順一(白銀 桜士郎役)
宮野 真守(神楽坂 四季役)
黒田 崇矢(不知火 宗次郎役)
宮田 幸季(青空 空翔役)
櫻井 孝宏(雪城 律役)
保志 総一朗(金久保 誉役)
神谷 浩史(宮地 龍之介役)
福山 潤(木ノ瀬 梓役)
吉野 裕行(犬飼 隆文役)

Nakamura Yūichi
Hirakawa Daisuke
Suzumura Ken'ichi
Suwabe Jun'ichi
Miyano Mamoru
 Kuroda Takaya
Miyata kōki
Sakurai Takahiro
Hoshi Sōichirō
Kamiya Hiroshi
Fukuyama Jun
Yoshino Hiroyuki

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Drama CD

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  1. I love you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  2. And you also got the game, amazing!

  3. Having trouble setting up the game. Downloaded the torrent and extracted the files but I keep getting an error message. Well, it's all (?????) Can anyone help?

    1. Is your system local set to japanese?
      The message is probably telling it can't start because your system local isn't at Japanese. After this if you were to still get a message it would appear in kanjis instead of ??????.
      I can only tell you how to do it on PC since I never owned a Mac.
      In control Panel go to Clock, Language, Region, then click on Regional and Language option. Go to keyboards and languages and click change keyboards. Don't worry you're not changing keyboards but just adding another one, select the Japanese (Japan) keyboard. Then after you're done go in the administrative tab, click change system local and choose Japanese (Japan). This will require a restart and the bunch of ??? will be gone.
      Hope this helps.
      If you're still having problems please tell me and I'll try to help you.

    2. Yeah, I set everything to Japanese, but I'm still getting that message. When I go to open the game, and when I run the setup. :(

    3. Try to set your clock to Japan time,hope it will work!

  4. the dl links are the same as the one from tumblr, did u get permission from the tumblr user? I don't think it's kosher for you to earn clicks from her links.

    1. I didn't get it from tumblr, but ok I will change it to my link. thank you.

    2. heyy.. the torrent link is not working.. it is invalid supposedly said in the mediafire web... do you have another link? please???


  5. THANK YOU SO MUCH~~~ I LOVE YOU~~~~ Ive been searching this for months because dont have credit card for buying it from internet!! So thank you again~~ XD

  6. thank you SO MUCH!!! I've been searching this for ages, thank you thank you so much!!!

  7. part 1, password??
    airavalky or otome?

  8. the file invalid in mediafire.
    any other link? my torrent not moving from 0%
    thanks before :)

  9. can you upload it again? thanks^^

  10. can you reupload these please? :(

  11. Aww. :( The drama cds are not available anymore. :( Would it be okay to have them reuploaded? I hope so! Please and thank you! :)

  12. the links of drama CD's are dead, could you please reupload?
    thank you in advance

  13. thanks a lot!! but could you please reupload plz ... Pretty plz!!!!


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