Posted by : Selena Lie Sunday, 20 May 2012

Title Ijiwaru MyMaster
Original title いじわるMyMaster
Aliases Cruel MyMaster
Publishers Sugar Beans
Info : vndb
Kurumi believes there is a blue rose somewhere in the world. One day, when she is on her way home from school, she is suddenly surrounded by a flash of light and loses her consciousness. When she regains her consciousness, she finds herself lying deep in the forest. She finds a man, Ryuka, and asks for help, but he captures her. As a result, she is hired as a live-in maid and starts working at a house where various unique boys live. As time passes, she falls in love with them.... "Well, my master. Can I fall in love with you?"

Reon - terashima takuma 
Deruta - ōkawa tōru 
Kinosaki homura - hirakawa daisuke 
Ryuka - hamada kenji 
Ainsu - kishio daisuke 
Evu~ansu - ono daisuke
pass: astrastasia-imperialsantodellaforzaemagia-

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  1. always wanted to play thiiis! Thank you so much :)!! i wonder if you also have under the moon :)

  2. I downloaded this .I try to play,but it says "error 2100.set the disc" and I can't play...How can I play?

  3. You need a nodvd patch to play this game..

    1. I try Alpha Rom 2.1~3.1 and 3.X but it doesn't work・・・・・。
      Would you tell me what patch do you use???

    2. I use the patch AlphaROM ジャンゴ 型 汎用 3.2 Rev2 to play this game.,v

      I've uploaded it for you, may be useful and successful for you because I managed to play this game using that patch.

    3. I finally can play this game! Thank you for your kindness!

    4. glad could help and happy gaming ^-^

  4. I'm getting 1503 オリジナルディスク を入れて下さい error and how do you use the patch thing? ty!!!

    1. install the game..
      when finish has choice yes or no leave it alone..
      extract nodvd patch to game folder..
      patch the .exe game..
      click yes..
      run the .exe game..

    2. thanks but it still doesn't work... I'm about to give up. I'm just wondering do I get to hear OnoD moaning on this game? haha

    3. you should try different kinds of nodvd patch because it usually can be different between one another..

      you should try to play this game yourself if you want to listen ono's moaning, i love this game very much.. but if you already give up with this game it's ok because i just want to help..

    4. can't give up... I love Terashii and (especially) OnoD and both of them are here... //edits edits edits I finally got it to work! xD I used AlphaROM 3.x .000 No Disk Patch rev2 ^^ thank you and sorry for the trouble!

  5. the game is gone. is there any way it will be reuploaded again? i really wanted to play this game. :(

  6. folder not found :( bisa di-reupload gak? makasih sebelumnya :)

  7. I have tried to get this game to work soooo many times but it just WON'T!!! It starts the download once I've put it in the DAEMON virtual CD but a quarter into it something comes up and asks me a yes or no question. Clicking yes leads to an error message, clicking no leads to what I think is a page talking about how the game is already installed but is missing parts and there's the repair option, the install option and I think an uninstall. It'll continue installing and go to the "finish" page, but nothing has really installed!! I have no clue why it won't work and I've looked everywhere for a solution!! Help??

  8. can you re-upload the patch AlphaROM ジャンゴ 型 汎用 3.2 Rev2 ? please...


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