Posted by : Selena Lie Wednesday, 16 May 2012

「アルカナ・ファミリア」capitolo 2 ~ビバ! マンジョーネ! 万歳! 食いしん坊!!~
Arcana Famiglia" capitolo 2 - Viva! Mangione! Banzai! Kushinbo!!
Noto mamiko (ferichīta) 
fukuyama jun (riberuta) 
yonaga tsubasa (Novu~A) 
yoshino hiroyuki (debito)
 sugita tomokazu (pāche) 
nakamura yūichi (Ruka) 
kosugi jūrōta (dante)

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  2. The link is death... hiks hiks T^T

    I would be very happy if you can fix it..

    Thanks before!!

  3. Sorry,Can you re-upload again please please please :)

  4. Sorry~Can you re-upload again?Please~TAT


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