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Men's Only シリーズ 16 Little Princess Sarah
Men's Only Series 16 Little Princess Sarah
Release Date: 2012年01月26日

岡本信彦 (セーラ)
菅沼久義 (アーメンガァト)
武内 健 (ベッキー)
岸尾だいすけ (ラヴィーニア)
三木眞一郎 (ミンチン校長)
吉野裕行 (ラム・ダス)

Okamoto nobuhiko (sēra/Sarah) 
Suganuma hisayoshi (āmenga~ato) 
Takeuchi Ken (bekkī) 
Kishio daisuke (ravu~īnia) 
Miki shin'ichirō (Min Chin kōchō) 
Yoshino hiroyuki (ramu dasu)


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  1. Actually what story is about? Seems OkaNobu-sama as Sarah (LOL)....XD

    1. here some review:
      Sarah came to the academy boarding crew Minchin in London, UK is 10 years old.
      In the rich of a school, a moral Sarah is also reckoned to other students
      Came to be known as endeared like "Little Princess". Some who do not have and that it was good ... but.
      The sudden death of your father and love. Sarah will turn ... environment.

  2. thanks for sharing!! I totally loved it ^^

  3. ..... Nobu as Sarah? @v@ Interesting! Kininarimasu hehehe Thank you very much!


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