Posted by : Selena Lie Tuesday, 10 April 2012

I have found this Drama CD for a long time. Because I can't read Japanese, I skip this. When I saw the picture, I just think he has same hairstyle with Sebastian. I don't know this is Kannou Mukashibanashi until whisperpuppies and Himeyuri request this. (Eh, this is the correct one???)

官能昔話ポータブル 予約特典朗読CD「北風と太陽」
Kan'nō mukashibanashi Portable yoyaku tokuten rōdoku CD `kitakaze to taiyō'

Morikubo shōtarō
 inoue kazuhiko

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  1. Thank you! It's not quite the one I was looking for, but I've managed it find it on another website. Thank you for sharing this though, it'll be another to add to my kannou mukashibanashi collection.

  2. I don't know how it looked like but thank you for uploading~

    whisperpuppies, can you share the link with me too??

  3. Thanks for uploading this one. I hope to find all the Mukashi Banashi in high quality mp3. Many are wma.

  4. Ah...the link is broken... T-T Is it possible to re-upload? Thanks so much! <3

  5. Re-upload, please??


  6. please reupload *puppyeyes*


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