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List of content:
  2. (or now known as
  3. MirrorCreator [MCR]
  4. MediaFire [MFR]
  5. 4Shared [4SH]
  6. Baidu [BDU]
  7. Kiwi [KWI]
  8. Mega [MGA]
  9. Sharebeast [SHB]
  10. Solidfiles [SDF]
  11. Minus [MNS]
  12.  no longer available
ctrl+F and type the file hosting code to find the tutorial :)

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All links is Click "Skip Ad" to directed to the file hosting or

On, block the file hosting link and copy paste to address bar or left click then choose go to http://.... (for chrome)
Password to download and/or extract also on this link (or see FAQ, if not mentioned here).

[MCR] Download from MirrorCreator (MC):
After you landed on MirrorCreator page, scroll down and choose which file hosting you want to download. Choose the Success one.

Then you will directed to the file hosting link. Click on "Your preferred download link is ready! Click here to go to the page." or copy the link below the text and paste it on address bar.
And you will directed to file hosting site. Next, you can read explanation below, depends which file hosting you choose.

[MFR] Download from MF:
Simple, just click on download button.

[4SH] Download from 4Shared:
  • Click the download button
  • Click free download button (again) then wait the timer. Or you can use Premium Download, if you have Premium Account

[BDU] Download from Baidu:
  • Input the baidu Password (mentioned on post or, then click the blue button.
  • Click the gray button.
  • Once again click the gray button. If you have baidu application, you can use the blue button.

[KWI] Download from Kiwi:
Simple, just click the download button
[MGA] Download from Mega:
Click the download button, then wait until the download is done. Then you will be asked to save the file. Mega downloading on the site, don't close the browser before its done.

[SHB] Download from Sharebeast:
1. Type the password
2. Uncheck "Download with Sharebeast Downloader". If you not uncheck this, you will download exe file. If you want to use Sharebeast Downloader, just leave it checked.
3. Click the download button

[SDF] Download from solidfiles:
There are 2 options to download:
1. Download using solidfiles downloader: click on download button (green button) and you will download the exe file.
2. Direct download: click on the link below the download button (no 2 on the picture)

[MNS] Download from Minus:
Click on download button on each file. Mouse over the file to show the download button.

Download From
Click on "request download ticket"
 then click "download"


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    1. I add explanation for MC. If you still have question, leave your comment here.

  2. How can I download with 115? :(

  3. Hi, Rena. I am the Rahee in Korea.
    But this difference BLCD o, b is a matter of a little drama to receive a CD.
    In South Korea can not receive the CD by 4shared unavailable.
    If you would help me get down a different path I seem to really appreciate it.
    I heard several reports Drama CD thanks to Rena, 4shared appreciated tell a different path, not a download. Korea is now hot. Please humbly health care. Thank you.

  4. 압축파일 푸는 방법 좀 알려주세요....

    압축파일 비밀번호 알려주세요....

    어떻게 하는 건지 모르겠습니다....

    제발 부탁드립니다.

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      please read it before doing question.
      (deldeted comments were same this too, sorry everyone orz)

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  7. Lena, hello. I am Moon Shine in Korea. I get a window asking me to make a payment while downloading from MEGA. What is the problem with this? Thank you for your help.

  8. Hello, I am Moon Shine in Korea. how are you? Hardfiles have difficulty downloading files from solidfiles. Help. It looks like a new update.

  9. Hi,

    With the two newest uploads, you seemed to have posted the links via, which isn't on your FAQ. My antivirus is also having issues opening up the page since it is potentially dangerous. Are you no longer using adfly?

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  11. Hello,

    Sorry for asking a dumb question Xp

    But when I try to download the page will stuck and the skip button will not show at all, is there a way to fix this ?

    Thank you

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