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Q: What is the password?

A: It depends the link's owner. Sometimes I write the password on the post or link.
    - Selena (or no credit on post): airavalky
    - Rena: pleasurerena87
    Myry: otomeworks
    Kira: KirasCD
    Kotoha: kotoha251250
    Caren: yandere
    - minnadaisuki: otome

Q: How to download from file hosting?

A: Read "Download Tutorial"

Q: I cannot extract the files!

A: Check the file size, make sure the files is not corrupted.
Check the password, make sure you enter the correct password.
Use latest extract application, download latest 7zip.
If still have problem, leave message on the post.

Q: What is "Blacklist Label"?

A:  The CDs under the blacklist are the most risky to share on blogs (such as label under davrilmoon, Cupilabo, etc), because they will give warning letter to delete the post, or the blog will be deleted.

Q: I want to contribute! 

A: We very welcome if you want to share yours to us ^^
Just send us email: (to Selena) or (to Rena) and tell us if you don't wanna your link to be re-upload or shared outside. You can attach photo ID if your want :)

Q: If I want share mine, where should I upload?

A: It's up to you. Right now we use Mega and Solidfiles. If you want us to re-upload, we will re-upload it to Mega or Solidfiles.

Q: CD genre?

A: I only group it into several groups.
Talk CD: where you are become heroine in the story
Drama CD: where you are outside of the story
Radio CD: It's from radio recording
R18: this is rated CD ---lol
BLCD: -surely- It's BL or Yaoi
Music: Seiyuu album or single
Music OST: -still- Seiyuu album or single for anime OP/ED/Theme Song
Chara Song: it's for Character Song

Q: Some links are dead >_<

A: Report here: Request or Deadlink
(Currently I still arrange the easiest way to read all of this request and deadlink ^^; )

Q: Can I request doujin drama cd?

A: For post? NO. If you want, send email to Selena (
My list :

I really appreciate if you link to this site instead of post the download link outside this site. If you want to share the links from here to outside of this site, please ASK FOR PERMISSION. 

Some CDs has special request from the owner. Please DON'T USE/REUPLOAD, if the owner ASK FOR IT

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  1. A new update of the FAQ! Thank you so much for taking care of this blog! (๑꒪▿꒪)*

  2. Ryōkai 🎇👌🙏👍🙋🎇

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  4. 2021 and I'm still so grateful for this uploads.

    I don't think you're active now but I thank you! I also have some drama CDs I can share if you ever see this.


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