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大正吸血異聞 第三夜
Taishou Kyuuketsu Ibun Dai San Yoru 

Cast :
Masuda Toshiki (増田俊樹) as Hinamori Nagi (比奈森凪) The tsundere vampire with neck tie
Tsuda Kenjirou (津田健次郎) as Touya Gai (橙矢涯) The wild vampire with brown hair

Release date : 26.06.2013


Track list :
Disk 1 :
01 ヌーヴェル・マリエ香琲館
02 赤き小悪魔
03 無邪気なる邪気
04 優しくなんてしてあげない
05 飢えた狩人
06 獣の本質
07 いまだけは忘れさせて
08 甘き不意打ち
09 深く酔わせて
10 あふれる果実のごとく
11 深く長く愛おしんで

Disk 2 :
01 Free talk from Masuda Toshiki
02 Free talk from Tsuda Kenjirou
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  1. thank youu~~~ >w<

  2. I've been looking forward to listen to this CD.
    Eventually, here is it!!!!!!
    Love you sooooo much!!!<3

  3. Oh yes! I've been waiting for this one.

    Thank you to both of you.

    Tsuda does vampires so good I can't wait~~

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  5. спасибо большое~~

  6. I can´t dowload T^T
    Its says that the page has a loop


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