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Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari
(蝶の毒 華の鎖/Poison of Butterfly, Chain of Flower)

Publisher: Aromarie
Release Date: May 27th 2011
Rate: 18+ Otome Game
Official web: aromarie
Theme/GenreHardcore, Nobility, Incest, Drug, Rape (?)

General Story:

It is the day when Nomiya Yuriko's birthday party is held...
Although Nomiya family is Japanese nobility, they suffer from poverty.
For her beloved daughter, Earl Nomiya holds a grand birthday party.
After hearing her childhood friend Hideo's mocking about her family's financial waste and other Japanese nobles' gossip, Yuriko decides to run away from home...
The stage is the Taisho era in Tokyo.
The heroine is born in the house of the venerable nobility, where her fate becomes cursed...



Nomiya Yuriko (野宮 百合子) CV. none

Bright girl.
Aware that there is a crisis at home.
Very curious and straightforward.

Shiba Junichi (斯波 純一) CV. Kato Masayuki

Upstart millionaire trader.
28 years old.
Forcibly trying to marry Yuriko, taking advantage of his wealth.
Aggressive and unorthodox man.

Nomiya Mizuhito (野宮 瑞人) CV. Hirakawa Daisuke

Yuriko's older brother.
22 years old.
Although born in noble family, enjoys painting and playing with women.
Loves his sister Yuriko dearly.

Majima Yoshiki (真島 芳樹) CV.Kondo Takashi

Nomiya house servant.
25 years old.
Works as a gardener, but also Yuriko's love interest.
Gentle and kind young man who loves plants.

Fujita Hitoshi (藤田 均) CV.Yasumoto Hiroki

Nomiya house butler.
37 years old.
Half British.
Has been working at Nomiya family since Yuriko was young.
Sincere and loyal, but lacks emotionsl expression.

Ozaki Hideo (尾崎 秀雄) CV. Majima Junji

Army lieutenant and son of a high-class family.
24 years old.
Although Yuriko's childhood friend, has very cold attitude.
Serious and stubborn man.
Exellent as a soldier.

Amami Kyoko (天海 鏡子) CV. Katsuki Masako

Daughter of a wealthy liquor wholesaler.
Married to an obedient husband and has two sons.
Known as a notorious "player".

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  1. Hi, thanks for the links, but the link for part 7 leads to a link for part 6. Could you fix it?

  2. fixed
    sorry forgot to inform.

  3. I love this game so much! Every games from Aromarie are sweet and bitter! Thank you >W<

  4. what's the password?

  5. help me! I can't open the game.
    I installed the East Japanese Language. The first opening game showed a syntax error. After a installed the East Japanese Language. But now.. Articles is in the form of a square with the error.

  6. english patch?

  7. sr, but can you tell me how to install this game cause I have the "syntax error" too, :(

    1. yes could you guys tell me why?
      i have syntax error too T_T
      help me pls

  8. Hi i have successfully downloaded the game however for some reason after the night Yuriko's mother dies and Saburo makes Yuriko go into the car and crashes, i am taken back to start menu of the game? I was wondering if there was an error or i did something wrong, thanks!!

  9. Replies
    1. click on the link, wait 5 sec, click on skip ads, then you will on MF, input the password (if required, see password on "How to download"), then download it ^^

  10. hi can i ask?
    is real game or its just the trial?

  11. "How to download" doesn't work. It is blank. What's the password?? I really wanna play the game.

    1. it's airavalky.
      I try it and it works.

  12. I keep getting a "syntax error". What do I do?!! I really wanna play this game. How do you guys set it up??

  13. Keep getting syntax error. Help please. :(

  14. I don't get how I'm supposed to download the walkthrough. Help please :(

  15. how to install the game into my computer? all the content of file from part 1 - 9 are all the same

  16. sorry but the link of part 1 was deleted by mediafire.. :(

  17. The character descriptions XD
    After playing a couple of playthroughs.... them characters aren't as kind\gentle as they seem. The gardener and the brother! myghad! Surprise surprise..... the moment he took a rope out of his closet...... WHOA

    Threesome warning!!

  18. you think you could re-upload this? If you have the time of course...there are lots of us who would love to play this game, and you've been so awesome about putting up all the files - thank you :)

  19. Ah yes, I too would love it if you could re upload the game ; u; It would be amazing of you if you could put them up once more for others to enjoy > 3< ~ <3

  20. Please please re upload the dead links, really really want to play this game when I first read reviews on it! :3

  21. you can download all the parts at its free all you need to do is make a really quick account that free also. the only thing is when you down load choose the freedownload option which makes you wait 20 second before they actually start to download. goodluck!

  22. Would it be possible if you lovelies fixed the links? Thanks so much!<3

  23. It was taken don on Mediafire? Could you possibly re-upload the game please! I really want to play >w<||

  24. i'm too late T.T Mediafire already delete all the file


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